Meandering along the south shore of Lake Superior

The plan is a relaxed trip to Duluth with plenty of stopovers. Our first port of call was Munising, but first, we had a great day of sailing. The winds were out of the North and Northwest at 10 to 10 knots.  To follow the coast, we had to sail close hauled on both a starboard and port tack. This was a new maneuver for us, so the captain gave us a lesson in what had to happen on the tack prior to tacking.  We lost very little momentum on the tack, and soon were traveling at an 8 knot clip, with the ship healed over  20 degrees or so.  It was the best sailing so far!!!  We arrived around 10 in the evening, were able to tie up at the pier and have an open house for the local folks the next morning. We created quite a stir in the town.  We pulled out of town at noon on the 24th bound for Marquette, Michigan. Once again we were able to sail in and tie up at the city pier. We arrived earlier  than the day before so had plenty off time to explore the town.  I managed to find an excellent local brew pub called The Feirling.  Beer was excellent, especially the Pine Mountain Ale, made using Simple hops, according to the brewmaster. It actually had a hint of pine in it.  The beer went great with smoked whitefish, made locally.  We had large crowds for ship visits on Sunday.  We gained another sail trainee when one of the visitors decided at the spur of the moment to join the crew for the rest of the trip to Duluth.  Left Marquette at noon, put up the sails and headed out into the lake.  Lost our wind around 2pm , took in the sails and motored to Big Bay, arriving after 10 pm. Anchored out again, with dory trips to the beach for those seeking adventure.  We sailed out of Big Bay around Noon, and headed for Copper Harbor, reaching it at around 6 pm. The local folks were out in their boats to greet us, and after anchoring, most of the crew took the dory in to town for a little RNR. Copper Harbor is a very small but welcoming community. We are sailing out at 6 am for the Apostle islands.

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