The Adventure begins…

Finally retired now! Last Wednesday the 30th was a great day.  The folks at the office managed to pull one big surprise on me,  presenting me with various and sundry retirement necessities (a 6 month supply of my favorite junk food , a retirement hat, a nice picture of me sitting on a deserted island beside my wrecked sail boat, and best of all a custom made pirate movie poster.

Capt'n Kirkpatrick - At Works End

Some nice words were said about me, no doubt because everyone is so happy to see me out’a there… (not really).  I am now preparing for my Great Lakes sailing adventure aboard the Bark Europa.

I am leaving Cleveland Monday July 12th on the Europa.

Until then, signing off.

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  1. marythek says:

    GO Dad!! Hope you have a great time on your trip. My colleague at work’s husband is really into sailing, so I sent her your blog link! Also I told my friend Carrie who will be at the tallship thing in Cleveland that you’ll be sailing off on Sunday aboard the Europa. Have fun, be careful!! Love, Mary, Miles, and Cole

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