Bay City Tall Ship Festival

Bay City has been a great host for us on the Europa. The folks helping arrange all the services for the ship have been extremely helpful. I was even given a lift to a local brew pub on Friday evening. What service!!  Folks toured the ship all day Friday, and then Friday evening our ship was host to a sponsor party. The weather is hot, but clear and hot. A local resturant (The Stein House) provided a Sunday brunch for the crews of both Dutch and German ships. Left Bay City promptly on Monday morning. Posted several pictures from Bay city in my Picaso Album on Google.
Here is the link.

There are also pictures taken during the Bay City to Sault Saint Marie Race which we won by a large margin.   The trip was quite eventful, with multiple sail changes, and a sail thru a major thunderstorm where the ship was struck by lighting during my watch!!!! It was a pretty loud click and BANG!!!! The last pictures on the Picaso site are pictures of the ship coming up the St. Marys river. We are docked in Sault Saint Marie now.

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  1. sunfirephotoplus says:

    Wow, got to experience some rough seas already! More power to ya, I couldn’t do it. Keep posting, this is so cool! Be safe dad:)

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