Sault Ste Marie to Green Bay

We are once again on a non-racing schedule for this portion of the trip so our first stop was Mackinac Island. We pulled up to the dock and after tying up, we all jumped ship and visited the island. . It has changed since the last time I was there, which was around 1975. It is much cleaner and spruced up than I remember. It almost has a Disney look to it, except for the fine taverns and Irish bars on the main drag. A good night out on the town was had by all, and in the morning we had a ship open house for all the tourists who wished to come aboard and have a look.  Headed out for the Mackinac bridge and beyond at 12:00 noon sharp. We sailed under the Mackinac Bridge our into Lake Michigan, sailing most of the night stopping the next afternoon at Leland, Mi. We anchored out and took the dory into town. The main attraction is Fishtown, which is the old fishing village from the 1920’s restored. Several of us purchased smoked white fish to include in dinner that evening. The following morning we sailed off anchor and headed for Green Bay. We arrived at the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal at 8am and after lining up with the other tall ships, we motor sailed thru the canal and then sailed out of Sturgeon Bay into Green Bay. Due to heavy rains, much of Green Bay was actually brown as is the Fox river we are tied up along in the city of Green Bay.

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  1. marythek says:

    Miss you Dad, sounds like you’re having a great time 🙂 Are you reading your email?

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi Gary,
    Yes – your old work buddies are keeping track of you. Hope this finds you well! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! We miss you around here – it is entirely too quiet. Not much new. Melissa moved into Miami U. on Thursday and is taking horseback riding as one of her elective classes. Everything else is the same. Take care and enjoy a few for your old work buddies! Barb

  3. fugita says:


    Sounds like you are enjoying the pirate life at sea! I have to say I like your spot in the DBA group. But I am looking forward to buying you a drink or two when you are doing sailing the high seas. 🙂

    Pete Figueroa

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