Green Bay to Muskegon

Leaving Green Bay was uneventful. We sailed up Green Bay and through the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal to Lake Michigan. We anchored in early evening about two miles out in the lake in position to start the last leg of the sailing race. We learned that evening that one of the  other ships had grounded it’s self trying to anchor closer to shore. They had to have a tug come out and tow them off. The race started at 10 am and was 118 miles, with the finish line in the lake off of Racine, Wisconsin. I took quite a few pictures of ships starting the tall ship race. We did not do as well as we did in the Duluth to Whitefish Bay race on Lake Superior, where we came in first. Wind changes late in the race caused us to miss the 2 mile wide starting line. We had to tack several times to get into position. We won’t know who won though until we get to Chicago. After crossing the finish line the next day at 8pm or so we headed for Muskegon.

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  1. Tracy Place says:

    Thanks for the updates. Great pics too! Not sure I’d want to scale the rigging but it makes for a good picture! Enjoy!

    • thekirkpatricks says:

      You are welcome…. hope to keep the pics coming… climbing the rigging is not as hard as it looks.. I is a lot more solid than the 20ft extension ladder I use to put light bulbs in our flood lamps.

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